Setup for a virtual event from ILEA Gala

10 Steps to Plan a Successful Virtual Event

Let’s face it – even with things opening up, virtual events are here to stay! Virtual events have created a new world of opportunities to gather, create meaningful connections, fundraise and celebrate. They’ve helped us reimagine in-person events while restrictions remain as well as allow us to develop whole

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Virtual Event Networking at SF Small Business Week, event planning

San Mateo Hybrid Event Planner

Event planning can take many forms as there are a vast number of possible types of events. As the world becomes more digital it is no surprise that some events are held in the virtual world.  That’s when you need a San Mateo hybrid event planner. Now, there is

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Staged Luncheon Tabletop With Bread and Florals

San Francisco Event Planner

If you need to plan an event, then using a San Francisco event planner is recommended. No matter how large or small your event is, using an event planner saves you from the stress of organizing it all. Your planner can do the hard work while you enjoy the

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