At BB Events, we’re proud to be a small business; one of many independent businesses working in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. With May 2nd – May 6th being San Francisco Small Business Week, it has us thinking about all the things we love about small businesses – the good and the bad. May this serve as the perfect reminder of why we’re lucky to work in small business and how we can all work together to create a booming community full of promise no matter what the world will throw at us next!

We’re In This Together

It’s been a tough few years. Covid forced many businesses to close their doors or change their way of working. Luckily, one of the pros of being a small business is the ability to think and act quickly and having a nimble approach to roles and responsibilities. Our team at BB Events knows all aspects of the business, so if someone is out sick or can’t attend an event, there’s always a face close by to step in. We’re one big family!

This support expands into our SF community. It’s an area built on individuals, not big corporations. Every business owner we meet has an inspiring story to tell. Maintaining long-term, happy client/vendor relationships comes down to nurturing these business owners. Get to know them, collaborate and become a sounding board for career highs and lows.

In return, you’ll see a developed partnership built to last, and right on your doorstep! We believe that this support for one another has kept the Bay Area alive during these challenging times.

San Francisco Small Business Week

SF Small Business Week is the perfect opportunity to connect with local businesses, learn from each other and find common ground — whether that’s being a family business, a female-led business or a company built on legacy. As a small business ourselves, I’ve jumped at the opportunity to help host the event as a way of empowering small business owners at every stage of their journey; those starting out, growing and staying in San Francisco. It’s a crucial opportunity to come together and inspire with motivational stories, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Putting Your Values First

The difference between big companies and independent businesses is the ability to connect on a deeply personal level. Your team and collaborators become like family and you’re able to tell your story, which includes sharing company values. One of our core values is sustainability and accessibility; it’s something we think about in every decision we make. Whether we’re looking for new vendors to work with or reducing our footprint of printed items, we make sure to never compromise these values to get a job done. Integrity is what allows small businesses to connect.

What are the values that are important to you and how do they show up in your small business?

Benefitting From Boundaries

As small business owners, we get that you want to seize every opportunity to ‘wow’ your customers — we’ve been there! But we won’t be the first to tell you that it’s not sustainable in the long-run. It’s tempting to get caught up in the ‘say yes’ mentality and become the go-to any hour of the day, or agree to unachievable deadlines just to keep everyone happy. At BB Events, we know how important our mental health is, so we set clear boundaries at not only the start of a contract, but also throughout the process. We understand that relationships change and outside forces change timelines and processes. This helps the client know what to expect from you and your work style. Trust us — it’ll help you sleep easier at night and you’ll need that all-important rest to be ready for a busy events season!

A Season For Change

In the spirit of boundaries, we ourselves are coming to the end of a busy events season this spring. With lots of exciting opportunities for both live and virtual events to continue, I’m excited to be taking some well-deserved time off this summer to rejuvenate and strategize what’s to come for BB Event’s next chapter of growth. We can’t wait to see what the next season brings!

Want to learn more about how small businesses can benefit from an events company like BB Events? Head to our blog to learn more about our impact-driven approach. Or get in touch today to see how an event can help your company celebrate its conscious efforts.