It’s the end of an event season and the perfect time to debrief on the learnings of the past as we look towards the future. 2023 was a transformational year for us at BB Events and we continue to ride that high of change, reflection, and new chapters. We’re being more creative and thoughtful about the ways that we can make events better. We’ve utilized new entertainment, new mindsets and new team members to throw some spectacular events this year. And we’ve also rethought how our business runs to be more sustainable and impactful.

So if you’re looking at ways to embrace the power of events in 2024 and beyond, read on.

Events for Good

Events have been reimagined in the post-pandemic era. We’re embracing the hybrid model, we’re being more respectful of people’s safety and comfort and we’re continuously looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact while maximizing our social good. In doing so, BB Events has embraced the core values of our business in the events we produce as well.

At the ILEA-NCC Havana Nights Gala that we co-created as a board member, the vendors were representative of the diverse community we live in – 36% were BIPOC-owned and 30% women-owned.

At the ACLU Partners for Justice event, we created a hybrid event with ASL interpreters and live-captioning so more people could learn and participate in the event.

At San Francisco Small Business Week’s Opening and Closing Parties, we repurposed flowers from previous events to reduce the waste of single-use florals.

Also at San Francisco Small Business Week’s Opening and Closing Parties, we curated unique marketplaces that set the tone for the celebration of our community’s small businesses.

These initiatives allowed us to think more critically about the way that events are usually done and put in place our systems to ensure that we are being as thoughtful as we can. And they are systems that can be adopted by our whole industry. We’ve openly shared these innovations through our blog and socials so that together, as businesses committed to social change, we can all make better decisions in our business and in our events.

Events for Event Planners

Speaking of our event industry, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate closely with our peers through ILEA-NCC to continue these conversations about events for good. Our Sustainability Lunch Panel was a great success, bringing together event planners, venues and vendors together to discuss how we can work together to reduce our carbon footprint. To top it off, our lunch was fully vegetarian catered by Montperi Catering.

We also took a look inwards to our organization to better understand ways that we can be more sustainable in the long run. That means taking care of our mental health and the mental health of our event attendees. Putting people first in both these cases allow us to make better decisions that can help people have a greater experience.

Events for Any of You

What we’ve learned over the last year is that events are a great way to connect with the community. They bring people together and leave them with a meaningful experience to inspire them to support your cause. They can give value back to your supporters through learning. They can help lift up the community and the businesses within it.

As a non-profit or small business, it can feel overwhelming to think about where to even start with an event. Putting on a successful event is much more than getting the right vendors together and sending out the invites. It takes a great strategic plan and the foresight to cover the details before the event so on the day itself, you can relax and enjoy it.

The role of BB Events is more than just handling the details on the day. It’s about understanding your business and how events are a part of your overall strategy for elevating your brand and mission, cultivating community and raising capital. Having a clear direction from the very beginning can help you find more creative ways to engage your community and supporters through various events whether it’s a pop up, an educational panel or a fundraiser gala.

BB Events is looking forward to continuing to work with more non-profits, community organizations, small businesses and creative entrepreneurs who want to embrace change while making an impact. If you’re committed to bringing people together, if you want to show up in your business in a new and creative way and if you want to see how social impact can coarse through the DNA of your business through a meaningful experience, we can help guide you through that.

We’re opening our books to help compassionate businesses understand how events can help them take things to the next level. From our strategic consultations to our continued ability to take care of the finer details, we’re not just creating good events, we’re helping you create good through events.

Be a part of the journey and contact us now.