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SFSBW Opening Party at Pier 70

The theme for the 20th anniversary of San Francisco Small Business Week (SFSBW) was all about the makers and manufacturers. In the historic Pier 70, we brought together exhibitors, vendors and the local community to celebrate the artisanal skills of these makers.

This Opening Party set the tone for a week of events that celebrated small businesses in the Bay Area. Our event details amplified the focus on makers, highlighting the industrial beauty of our venue and setting up the marketplace to showcase the process behind our exhibitors, not just their beautiful, finished works.

San Francisco Small Business Week
Exhibitor at SFSBW
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce at SFSBW
Dance performance at SFSBW
Guests enjoying SFSBW
Canapes at SFSBW
Exhbitors at SFSBW
Exhibitor at SFSBW
Mayor at SFSBW
Exhibitor at SFSBW
Guests at SFSBW
Drinks at SFSBW
Exhibitor at SFSBW
Signage at SFSBW

Our Partners

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