Nowadays, if you’re not considering sustainability across your business, you’re likely to be left behind. Almost every company we come across has some kind of sustainability policy in place, whether it’s recycling practices in the printing room, or making energy-efficient bulb upgrades at their fundraisers. But sustainability goes far beyond the workplace.

Here are our tips to create a positive change to benefit the planet and the people we share it with.

Sustainability For People

Did you know this month is Stress Awareness Month? Since 1992, April has been a time to raise awareness of the modern stresses of life; highlighting the importance of our mental health. When planning an event, our first tip is to set clear boundaries. What are your working hours? How can you be contacted? What are the expectations on the day of the event? Asking these questions early will develop clear boundaries for how you spend your time on the planning process and engage with your suppliers and clients.

During a busy events season and in the run-up to your event, it’s particularly beneficial to have healthy practices in place. For me, exercise to start off our day is crucial to setting us up for success. Exercise is something we love starting our day with at BB Events. Whether you like a strong HIIT class, a meditative yoga practice, or a walk around your local park, take time to move your body and start the day with a clear mind and a stronger body. Science suggests that getting out in the fresh air for some Vitamin D first thing in the morning improves mental health, promotes better sleep and fights fatigue. So step out and enjoy those rays! (just be sure to grab a hat)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just need ‘me time’ , step away from what you’re doing and focus on your breath. Why not incorporate a mental health ‘check in’ at your next event to educate your guests on the importance of working in a sustainable way? As your small business grows, you’ll feel more prepared and grounded with these simple ways to take care of yourself so that you can take on the world!

Sustainability In Human Resources

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely to be a conscious corporate that holds inclusivity and social justice front and center. When choosing who you partner with – whether that’s vendors, co-collaborators, or your staff – make sure your values align, so you’ll be able to work together to achieve your mission.

Create an environment where the next-gen continues your goals. Give them the training to set them up for success and encourage leadership and mentorship. Invest in education – there are many organizations out there that can help.

Sustainability For Our Local Community

Working with the local community is a no-brainer here at BB Events. First, from a planet perspective, using local resources reduces our carbon footprint – win! But it also supports the people and businesses that make the Bay Area so special.

When you pick local vendors, in particular, BIPOC-owned businesses for your catering, floristry, signage and more, you’re investing in a small business’s future and the growth of local neighborhoods. It’s been a tough few years for the area and it’s time to celebrate our diverse community; not to mention the array of historic buildings that could be the home to your next event!

Sustainability In The Environment

Green events are very important to us. We recently attended a talk with the Society for Sustainable Events (SFSE) about circularity and strategies for reducing consumption and regenerating resources. One key takeaway was to create long-term relationships with vendors.

If you have a season of events coming up, try to find a catering company that will commit to all of your dates. Having the same catering menu for multiple events will reduce waste as the caterer can order their food in one delivery. Also, have you thought about what to do with plastic lanyards? How about upcycle them into attendee tote bags?! Here are some more ideas to get you started with circular event design!

Sustainability For Us All

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to make your next event sustainability focused. Ready to get started on your planet-saving event? Get in touch with us today!