Event planning can take many forms as there are a vast number of possible types of events. As the world becomes more digital it is no surprise that some events are held in the virtual world.  That’s when you need a San Mateo hybrid event planner.

Now, there is a rise in the popularity of what is known as hybrid events.

What is a hybrid event?

This guide will explain what hybrid events are and an outline for how San Mateo hybrid event planning works.

What Is A Hybrid Event?

To put it simply a hybrid event is a combination of a live audience in a physical place and an audience that has joined the event online.

The people attending physically and online should all be able to fully interact with the event in real-time and all feel equally engaged and connected to the experience.

Why Choose A Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular due to the constraints of being together physically from the pandemic. There are travel limitations, venue capacity limitation and a whole host of other reasons for keeping onsite experiences small and adding in a virtual component to reach more people.  There are some positive reasons for taking part of the event online:

  •  Organizing a hybrid event can save you money. The reason for this is that you can have more people attend as the online audience can be as big as needed. This means you don’t have to stage the event more than once or in different cities to accommodate everyone, you can hold one event that includes everybody either in person or online.
  •  Thanks to the internet been available worldwide your audience potential is unlimited. This is great for your event as you can reach more people than a standard physical event.

A hybrid event doesn’t mean that the online portion of your audience are just sitting and watching. A good, well-organized hybrid event utilizes the latest technology so that all the audience can engage with what is happening. Read on to find out more.

What Technology Does A San Mateo Hybrid Event Planner Use?

To put on a successful hybrid event will require using the latest technology. Thankfully, the internet, applications and platforms are much more easily accessible to many people around the world. This means you can put on a smooth show to a global audience.

The technology to consider for a hybrid event includes:

  • Cameras. Good quality cameras ideally with stands so that they can be positioned correctly around the venue.
  • Microphones. Preferably studio microphones with enough to give one to every person that needs it.
  • Trained staff. Staff will be needed for a variety of areas such as working the cameras, social media feeds, and managing the online audience.
  • Wi-Fi. A strong Wi-Fi signal is a must to avoid delays or loss of signal for your online audience.
  • Streaming platform. Picking a good platform for your online audience is essential, so they can have the best experience.

San Mateo Hybrid Event

Arranging a hybrid event in San Mateo is entirely possible. You just need a professional San Mateo hybrid event planner like BB Events.

There are many event possibilities including a corporate event or a charity night.

The benefit of utilizing technology means you can reach a bigger audience, so depending on your objective, you can exceed normal expectations.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to advances in technology you can now effortlessly host a hybrid event.  This allows your audience to participate in your event, no matter where they are in the world.

Contact your professional San Mateo hybrid event planner to discuss your needs and start arranging your event.