Spring has to be our favorite season at BB Events. The days are getting warmer, the flowers are blooming and there’s a general feeling of excitement as we close off winter and enter a time of growth. This time of year is prime for fundraising so here are some of our top tips to creating a fundraising event that will draw crowds, enhance engage, and raise awareness and funds for your charitable cause.

Why Spring?

You know that feeling of wanting to hibernate through winter under a blanket? Add on a few lockdowns and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a quiet events season from January-February. Holiday, New Year’s celebrations and end-of-year campaigns draw big attention at the final months of the year, but there’s a gradual decline in events and engagement soon after. That fatigue is real – and the empty pockets.

But as the season changes from winter to spring, people are excited to get back out and enjoy the warmer weather, connect with others and find causes that are meaningful to them again. Why not jump on that energy and plan a fundraising event they simply cannot miss? It’s something for your audience to get excited about as they get into the swing of 2022.

A Season For Success

So you’ve decided to plan your Spring fundraiser – yay! Now it’s time to plan an event that stands out from the crowds and attracts your donors.

Pick Your Moment

We all know how quickly our schedules can fill up and with the rapid return of in person events, competing for that prime date is becoming the norm. Between social events and family time, a lot of our audience will be selective about which fundraisers they are able to attend. One way of creating less competition is to consider a weekday, maybe even a luncheon or morning educational panel. Who doesn’t love popping out of the office for a morning of bubbles and networking for a good cause!?

Be Creative

People love attending events but formal attire can be a dread for some folks. Add a bit of fun to the dress code and relate it back to the organization’s cause or event’s theme from wearing a specific color or symbol. Spark joy by showering guests with surprise performers or interactive activities. Art gallery exhibitions, garden tours and fashion shows – we’ve seen it all! Check out our gallery for bright ideas for your next event.

Be Authentic

If there’s one thing the past few years has taught us, it’s that we crave connection. People no longer resonate with picture-perfect lives; as a society, we want to see real people and be inspired by their real stories. When planning your event – and in every aspect of your brand messaging – use your authentic voice. It will connect with donors on a deeper level and create a compelling reason for them to donate.

A new year and new season brings an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ your marketing and revamp its look and feel. Highlight your stakeholders and share those compelling stories that make your mission and programs unique and critical to your community. Acknowledge the importance of your community’s support in making the future brighter for those you serve.

Keep It Simple

Connecting attendees to the quickest and easiest way to donate is key to your event’s fundraising success. Consider a QR code placed in strategic locations that links straight to your donation page or text notifications with the bidding link. Digital tools are all the rage!

Post Event Success

Events are never one and done moments. The engagement should happen well after your event is done. Use the opportunity to continue engaging with your long-time donors, follow up with first time attendees, launch a campaign and send a highlights newsletter with the event photos, key moments and a link to donate. It’ll prompt your readers to donate if they haven’t already and give the opportunity to those who couldn’t make it on the day to show their support.

With these fresh approaches to Spring fundraising, you’ll be sure to get the all-important funding you need in no time. Get in touch to start planning and let’s see how to make your next event blossom.