One thing I pride myself on at BB Events is that my vendors and clients feel like more than just ‘business contacts’ — they feel like friends that I can depend upon. In the past we were sold on facts and figures; it was about trying to impress and sell, sell, sell! In recent years, there’s been a shift towards authenticity. Showing your truth has become far more powerful than hiding behind a veil of corporate jargon.

I’ve been reflecting on my working relationships and the way I interact with my vendors, clients and team. For me, it’s about getting beneath the surface, learning about them and, in return, allowing them to see me.

Here are my tips to build deeper connections in business and beyond.

Once Upon A Time In San Francisco…

Storytelling is one of my favorite tools for building connections — and it’s become a buzzword for good reason. Take a moment to think about your favorite brands – are they the ones you know impressive stats about or the ones that bring back a sense of nostalgia, giving you all the warm, fuzzy feelings? Hopefully, you’ve sided with the latter.

Every one of us has a story to tell — that’s what makes us all so unique! Our brand is no different. Covid has made us all realize the power of connection and, in business, that’s translated as a move away from sales pitches and pushy advertising and one towards a human-centric approach.

I’ve worked on some amazing projects that have explored the power of storytelling. International Rescue Committee Northern California is one example. During their Force For Change Fundraiser, we used portraits and self-told stories from refugees and hands-on activities in an interactive gallery for our guests. It allowed attendees to learn more about the people they would be sponsoring, building empathy and support for the work IRC does.

Don’t Be A Stranger – Communication is Really Key

You’ve probably heard me mention this before but here goes…communication is key to building relationships that last. We all know how frustrating it is when we don’t get a callback, can’t get hold of someone or get mixed messages. It leaves us feeling unimportant and doesn’t make us want to invest more time and energy.

For me, it’s not only making time to communicate that’s important, but also the quality of the communication itself. If I’m on the same page with a client and we have a clear idea of their vision for an event, then I can go into planning mode feeling confident that we can build fabulous event together. It’s particularly important when working with community organizations and non-profits to ensure their mission and values are aligned with the planning and logistics happening in the background and onsite.

And the same goes for volunteers and my amazing BB Events team. If everyone is clear on their roles and excited about what we’re creating, then I know they’re going to be invested for the long run. I work hard to ensure everyone feels valued, supported and informed.

We’re All In This Together

Fundamentally, what I’m trying to say is that being YOU is all you need to be. As we shared with one of our long-standing partners – the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce – building lasting business takes time and patience. it’s allowing your business to evolve with the times and challenges that may come up. But without the foundation of what you stand for and strong relationships to take you to the next step, it will be difficult to keep going.

From starting BB Events to writing this today, I’ve built my community through investing in others, taking time and living my truth. If this resonates with you and you’d like to build an event that speaks to others and has them coming back for more season after season, get in touch today!

Want to dig deeper with your business? Contact Becca and the team today.