As an event planner, my job is to always be ready for anything, anticipating something that no one ever thought could go wrong. As much as we plan and prepare for the big day, there is always something that surprises us. With years of experience, talented team members and exceptional partners, challenges are almost always solved when great minds come together.

Often times, though, a simple problem requires a simple fix straight out of our literal bag of tricks. Our ‘event pack’ goes with us to every event. What started as a small tote has turned into a suitcase of handy items; I like to think of it as my Mary Poppin’s bag, on standby and ready to pull anything out of it for a clever fix to any problem.

Here’s what you’ll find in my event pack (in no particular order of importance)

1. Box Cutter

Hello nails that stay looking sharp as ever – grab that box cutter and start opening.

2. Zip Ties

Securing loose wires, carrying lots of bags, you name it, zip ties are one of the best inventions!

3. Tape

When I say tape, I mean ALL forms of it. Blue tape is excellent for marking spaces at venues and not leaving residue on walls. We work with many historical buildings in the San Francisco Bay area, so we need to be careful about the property. Gaff tape is great for taping down wires onto strange surfaces because of its strength. In conclusion, know your tape!


4. Cutlery

Remember when you ordered lunch from DoorDash and selected the option to “provide utensils” and then you opened the bag after delivery and found that there were no utensils? Well, good news is that you were so prepared that you put all those single-use utensils you collected from 2020 into your event pack. Your team thanks you.

5. Napkins and Paper Towels

Great for cleaning up quick spills, keeping production areas clean and tidy and wiping down outdoor seating areas. And no one likes to shake hands with sticky fingers.

6. Binder clips

High winds can wreak havoc on tablecloths. Thank goodness for the clips!

7. Pliers

When we couldn’t open a sign holder to slip our sign inside the slot, we grabbed our handy pliers and pried it open (it’s a two-person job FYI). Mrs. Fix-it the rescue.

8. Label maker

Many venues have multiple floors, with each one hosting a different event. To help prevent wandering souls, add a label next to the elevator buttons that pertain to your event to help direct guests to where they should be going.

Becca’s Tip: As a self-proclaimed labeling addict, I ensure everything in my event pack has my name (or company name). You’ll be running around lending out items all day and are unlikely to keep track of who has what. A label ensures you’re reunited with your items at the end of every event!

9. Mini Sewing Kit

When planning a wedding, most people think about the ‘bride’ emergency pack. Think of everyone at your event as the bride – wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone!

10. Portable chargers

Never let your phone get down to the dreaded 10% again! Encourage your team to bring portable chargers, but it never hurts to have a few in your event pack. Some are very sleek and magnetize to your phone like a Casely Power Pod.

What are your essentials?

I’m always adding more things to my pack after an event or getting creative with using an item outside of its primary function!

We hosted an event outdoors one Spring and, of course, the San Francisco winds decided to kick in. We had the cardboard trio waste bins set up around the footprint that started to take flight. We were running around chasing them while trying to think of a solution to keep them secured. One of my teammates had the great idea of wrapping them around trees and light posts with tape – thank goodness for all that tape!

At BB Events, we meticulously plan every detail to minimize event-day hiccups. If you like the sound of our work, get in touch today!