Do you genuinely love what you do? And if not, how can you change that? For me, the answer came when I stepped back from the daily grind to evaluate how I was spending my time and what truly brought me joy. Running a small business, social impact venture or community organization often entails getting caught up in the day-to-day details without the chance to see the bigger picture – or what is happening beyond today. I took the giant leap to take some time to surrender and let go of those daily details giving me the opportunity to slow down and reflect. I began to look inward, look around me and look ahead. The slowing down made me think a lot. And that thinking reminded me that I want to better align my values and joys with my business mission and skills.

“Curating a life that you don’t want to escape from.” – Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Founder of CampaignZero

The people I meet, the experiences I’m involved with, the activities I enjoy, the opportunities to give back to community-based organizations – those are my loves. And we weave that into everything we do for BB Events as we co-create opportunities to connect and celebrate our community in the Bay Area.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate love and impact into your daily practices as a change maker, community organizer or impact-driven founder, then this blog post is for you.

Giving Back

It can be overwhelming to think about all of the things going on in the world that need to be fixed. But small, local impact is often the best place to start. So that’s what I did. In 2020, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank needed volunteers to deliver food to home-bound residents around the City. While I haven’t been able to keep up my weekly deliveries since 2020/2021, I sign up as often as I can.

It’s brought me joy to bring my fellow event industry community around volunteering. For the past two years, I’ve been on the Event Professionals Annual Week of Giving Committee. We select a variety of Food Banks around the Bay Area and lead service projects throughout the week. And of course, I led the project at the SF/Marin Food Bank! We sorted and packed bags of produce that would get delivered later that day. It was so cool to see the very bags being assembled that I started delivering 4 years ago.


When you’re already busy with all the tasks that fall under running a small business, how do you give yourself the time to participate in the activities you love? It’s a reminder to always fuel yourself first before taking care of others. 

Top Tip: Hire your weakness, win back your time.

It’s ok to not excel at everything or be overwhelmed and need to ask for help. I’ve learned what I don’t like to do – so I outsource it.

Work with People who Inspire You

Co-creation is our core focus at BB Events, so it’s important that we work with people who share our values of diversity, inclusion, impact, sustainability, equity and transparency. When you find this tribe, you can continue to inspire and encourage each other to act upon these values even further.

Through my business, we’ve been exposed to incredible small businesses, vendors and community organizations who are all taking innovative steps to address the needs in their community. Each have their own superpower and unique lived experience that we can learn from.

In particular, the San Francisco Small Business Week brought together beauty, food and services to celebrate community and build connections. It was a reminder to me of the many ways that we can collaborate for good.

For me, events is my bread and butter. I can use events as a chance to showcase the incredible array of talented businesses we have on our doorstep. That could be by hiring local caterers to dazzle with their authentic cuisine, sourcing seasonal flowers from the local florist or – my favorite – bringing creatives together at a vendor marketplace.

So take a moment to realize your own superpower and what you can bring to the co-creating table. Together, we can make a much greater impact.

Bring Personal Interests to Your Work

Thrift shopping and vintage fairs create my personal identity through fashion. My clothes help me stand with confidence and make me feel powerful. That means I feel empowered to run the show on event day and stand tall when attending networking events. Think about an outfit in your wardrobe that makes you feel unstoppable and wear it tomorrow!

When reflecting on how to bring my love of vintage to the business, I realized the answer was color! In event planning, I have an eye for interesting pre-loved furniture, recycled centerpieces and colorful decorations sure to make your event space pop.

The more that you can show up authentically to your business, the better it can be. Your clients will resonate with your personality and you’ll find greater joy in everything you do. Be unapologetic in what you like and you’ll show up feeling more confident and empowered.

Priotize the Work You Love

Enough about me; this is about your event. I’ll help you define your superpower in our first call. We’ll unpack what brings you joy outside of work and where you excel, so you can bring that to event planning.

Our tailored event strategies start with a Discovery Call to assess your individual needs.

Contact BB Events today and let’s become thought partners, co-creators and change makers together.