It’s fair to say that being a small business owner is an emotional rollercoaster. One day you’ve had an awesome meeting with a client, and the next you’re struggling to balance the books. Add in the fact you’re juggling several roles in a bid to keep costs down and you’ve got a recipe for burnout.

According to Thrive My Way, two-thirds of full-time employees have experienced burnout in their careers. So, how can you manage your workload and mental health to avoid this happening?

Here are my top tips:

Preparation Perfection

I’m a big fan of a to-do list. Other than the satisfaction of crossing off a task when completed, it means I have a really clear picture of what my day, week and month look like. I prioritize my list by ‘Organize today’, ‘One week out’ and ‘Day of event’. Then, if the day is getting away from me and I’m yet to complete a ‘Organize today’ task, I can shuffle priorities around as needed.

That brings me to my next point…


You want everything to be perfect because your business is YOUR baby. I totally get it. When starting out, I was tempted to cut costs by taking on the hats of Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager and more. It can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. Invest in a team you can trust and is talented at their craft, then delegate tasks accordingly. You’ll be able to focus on the aspects of the business you love and that you’re best at. Plus, putting trust in your team builds their confidence and belief in their abilities. It’s a win-win!

Don’t be scared of asking for help from friends, family and business networks. ILEA-NCC (International Live Events Association, Northern California Chapter) in particularly is a special, personal recommendation. They have been instrumental in connecting us with like-minded people in our industry and supporting me throughout BB Events’ journey. Find similar groups in your industry or niche to reach out to and discover what support they can offer you.

The Beauty of Boundaries

You hear a ‘ding’ on your phone and can’t resist the urge to see who’s emailing you…never mind the fact that it’s a Saturday. Being a small business owner comes with the delicate balancing act of showing up for your customers and partners while respecting your need for breaks. When working with new clients, I let them know my working hours, so they’re aware of exactly when I’m available. It gives me the rest time I need to come back and give 100% to each event, rather than being on call 24/7 and running on empty.

As an event planner, I know the days leading up to an event can be nerve-wracking. What if it rains? – We’ve got a weather plan. What if the lighting and sound don’t work? – We’ve scheduled in a lighting and sound check. Preparing in advance helps keep things as under control as possible and avoid the madd rush in the end when all boundaries tend to go out the door.

Eat, Sleep, BREATHE, Repeat

This tip is the simplest AND the easiest thing you can do for yourself in times of stress. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I go for a walk or call my sister (or both).

Find something that helps you calm your nerves and removes you temporarily from the stress. That mental break can help clear your mind. Try a 10 minute stretch break, step outside for fresh air or turn on a delightful podcast. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

And my final piece of advice — don’t eat lunch at your desk! It might seem like a time-saving thing to do but I’m yet to see someone type on a keyboard whilst serving themselves a mouthful of food. Eating at your desk causes the body to digest in a state of anxiety that you just don’t need. Take a break and come back satisfied and ready to go.

Minimize the Stress on D-Day with BB Events

Working with BB Events means you can rest easy, knowing all the arrangements for the event are made ahead of time. So, on the day of the event, all you have to do is turn up, mingle and enjoy the celebration you’ve worked so hard to create. We’ve got this! Get in touch to learn more about my mindful approach to event planning.